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The Nurses' League and the School

The Royal Free Nurses' League was founded as an association for trained nurses
and Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein became the first Honorary President
and Patroness of the League. She placed the League under her special protection
by granting the members the privilege of having her crown worked into the design
of their badge.
There are many other links between the League and the school. The Wertheimer
Memorial which hangs in the foyer of the School was commissioned by the League.
The League is interested in all present and past trainees of the School and it
encourages their professional development by awarding scholarships.
It is able to give help through the Benevolent Fund to members in need and it keeps
members in touch through the League Magazine, seminars and yearly meetings.

The original badge which was worn by all members of the League when in uniform from 1910 to 1960

In 1960, to mark its diamond jubilee, the League gave the badge to the Board of Governors, the coronet being replaced by the lion presented by Queen Victoria at the granting of the Charter. This badge was worn by League members from 1960 to 1974.

In 1975 the words Royal Free Nurses' League were replaced by Royal Free School of Nursing and the badge was presented to all trainees of the School.

We have had several requests for the badge from new members and from some who have lost theirs. However they are no longer produced.

If there should be any unwanted ones we would be grateful if they could be donated to the
Royal Free Hospital Nurses League.

If anyone is requiring a badge please use the email form on this website to let us know and we will keep your name on file in case any become available.